Carl Witthoft sent me an Excel document allowing StroQ players in distress to get some interesting hints for their unsolved puzzles. As Carl puts it:
The user enters the puzzle grid (black/white), and then enters a proposed set of row colors. The spreadsheet shows the required cell changes; from this the user can see if his set of row colors leads to "orphan" cells or the like.
You can download the document here.
Carsten Strotmann mailed me today about a port of StroQ he and his friend did. It's actually not a port, it's a complete rewrite of StroQ in Forth, for Atari 8bit computers. Truly impressive!
I've started working on a StroQ update. Actually, two updates. The first one is an OpenGL version of the game, the second one is a network version. More on that when I have time to pursue the game's development!
The puzzles of the day have run out, if you have some time on your hands and like the game, how about editing your own puzzles and sending them over to the author? They will be added to the puzzles of the day, and be included (with credits) to the future releases of the game.
StroQ 0.2 for Windows is now available for download. Ten easy puzzles have been added to this version to help newcomers get a grip of the game. The puzzle of the day system is up and running, and don't hesitate to send in your puzzles!
The How to play section has been updated, it should now be much easier for newcomers to quickly understand the workings of the game.
StroQ 0.2 is now available for OSX and Linux! Do not hesitate to leave feedback about the release via this site, submit new puzzles or feature requests. Have fun!
Update: source code has also been released, and the puzzle of the day system will be started sometimes this week.
Screenshots from the OSX and Linux (KDE) versions have been uploaded. I am waiting for custom puzzles before releasing StroQ for these two platforms. The Windows version will bundled as soon as Trolltech releases Qt4, late Q2 2005.
I have imported the current StroQ source code (of what is to become version 0.2) to Sourceforge's CVS repository.